Dimitri Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“From our farm in Southern Greece to your kitchen in the USA”

We at Dimitri Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil would like to introduce you to the superior taste of the purest product in the olive oil market today. We guarantee quality and value like no other mainly because we grow, harvest, press, bottle, and distribute the “unfiltered” olive oil ourselves – 100%. This is also the reason we are able to offer and directly control our cost-effective pricing options to our clients.

Our 100 year old olive farm off the Mediterranean coast produces only the finest extra virgin olive oil, purely manufactured and cold-pressed. Our “unfiltered” production process ensures the purest of all virgin olive oils, since we eliminate the chemically treated process that results in tainted refined olive oil. Dimitri Extra Virgin Olive Oil is “Unfiltered” which means that we let it sit in stainless tanks for a couple of months to mellow out, which lets out all it’s flavors, aromas, and prolongs its life.

We look forward to the possibility of serving your needs.  You can learn more about us at dimitriolivefarms.com