Shared Commercial Kitchen Space
Available for Rent

About YorKitchen


YorKitchen is a unique service to residents of the City of York, the surrounding Central Pennsylvania area and beyond. It is a shared commercial kitchen incubator available for rent by the hour to food producers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Located downtown in the annex of Central Market House, the kitchen is located in the middle of a produce and food hub. Typically, what stands between the farmer or food entrepreneur and creating a new venture is the start-up costs to construct a licensed commercial kitchen to prepare their new products.

About the Rojahn Performance Kitchen


YorKitchen proudly present The Rojahn Performance Kitchen as part of the Shared Kitchen Incubator of York. Jack LaCesa, President of Rojahn Custom Cabinetry, has coordinated efforts to produce a show kitchen that will be a complimentary part of the commercial kitchen. The performance kitchen will be available to rent for classes, cooking shows and many other events. “Rojahn Company is proud to support the community in the revitalization of the Central Market. This is a great way to celebrate the legacy of the Rojahn Company, the Rojahn family and the cabinet company that has been doing business in York County for 50 years,” stated Jack LaCesa, President, Rojahn Custom Cabinetry.


View the YorKitchen Rate Card, any questions can be sent to For additional information on the kitchens, please visit the YorKitchen website.