A hobby of wine making brought bothers Ben and Josh Hill to open Burnt Timbers Winery in June of 2017 on a 100+ acre farm that sits along the Juniata River in Central PA that has been in their family for generations.


So how did their name come to be you may ask? On the property sits a circa 1840's farmhouse that housed the family of ten at the time, but the home caught fire in a cooking accident and sat abandoned until Ben and Josh's parents took over the farm, they renovated the house (it's available on VRBO!) and left the exposed beams that show the burnt timbers. Therefore, Burnt Timbers Cottage and Winery name came to fruition. Their logo shows a burning canoe representing how the native American’s went about making their dugouts for life along the Juniata river.

Their grandfather who's farm they have their business on today was a lifelong beekeeper, so they looked to incorporate that history into a wine, an off dry mead, that has become one of the fan favorites. They are constantly working to broaden their selection without compromising on quality with the goal of having a nice balance of dry, sweet and fruit wines that all can enjoy. 

Burnt Timbers opened their Central Market stand this past May and are excited to part of the historic center of the city.  Visit them for a taste of their current portfolio of wines. Learn more on their website.