Overwhelmed by the thought of cooking for the family this holiday season? Let Central Market vendors take the stress away by being your one stop shop for all your meal needs. 


Conrad's Deli

Conrad's at Central Market will be selling smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as whole hams. The smoked turkeys are $3.99/lb. 


Owner, Gladys Morales, specializes in authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine including pasteles and their signature Coquito cheesecake for the holidays!
Coquito cheesecake $15. Pasteles $25.
Stop by their stand to order!

IMG-3558 (1).JPG

Dietz Produce

Free Range Turkey. Raised on pasture, without antibiotics. $4.25/ pound. $20 deposit. Pick up your frozen turkey Saturday, Nov. 18, at Dietz' market stand. 

Helmut's Strudel

Surprise everyone with a tray of Austrian strudels this Thanksgiving!


The Copper Crust Company

Responsible for desserts this holiday season? Let Copper Crust help! Order your holiday desserts, platters, breads and more today!

Myers' Salads & Pastries

From pumpkin pies to side dishes, Myers' at Central Market has you covered!