A Creative Look at Cooking

(As a couple or single for a surprise dinner together)

Date Night

During this class, each couple (or person surprising another) will be helping each other prepare a dinner together that will be taken home to be served over the next few days. We will be prepping a surf and turf, plus a starch and salad. We will be giving each couple the chance to get creative with their dinners. Everyone will be mixing their own rub for their meat, making their own herb mix and sauce for their plates, and crafting a signature vinaigrette for their salad (maybe even becoming their own “house dressing”). A perfect way to get closer- through food.

Instructor: Abbi Ferree
Location: YorKitchen, 37 West Clarke Ave, York
Thursday, Aug 18 • 6-9pm • $75/couple • Ages 14+  contact: 717-814-8879 info@yorkitchen.com