The Passport to Flavors Series is a pop-up restaurant hosted by YorKitchen featuring different cuisines from around the world. Equal parts dinner party and dinner theater, a pop-up restaurant refers to a dining establishment that is open anywhere from one to several nights, usually in an existing restaurant or other commercial food establishment. In this case, it is held in YorKitchen's production kitchen. The attraction of the pop-up restaurant for the customer is to sample new food outside the traditional restaurant experience. They also provide a more intimate, dinner party style experience. For the featured chefs, the benefit is to experiment with cooking without being required to invest in a full restaurant.

This iteration of the Passport to Flavors Series we will be visiting Ethiopia. The menu for the evening will include the following:

Firfir (Enjera with beef in a berber sauce with garlic)

Dorowat (Chicken sauteed in lemon butter, red pepper sauce, flavored with onions, garlic, ginger and cardamon)

Doro Tibs (Chicken sauteed with onions tomato, jalapeno, pepper, rosemary, herbs)

ZilZil Tibs (Beef with sauteed with onions, herbs and herbed butter.

Kitfo (Pepper spiced beef)

Misir (Lentils cooked in berber sauce)

Shiro (Mixed legumes prepared with ginger, rue seed, bishops weed and garlic)

Foule (Beans smashed and spiced, garnished with diced tomato, green peppers and onions)

YorKitchen @ Central Market
37 West Clarke Ave.
York, PA 17401